Why CritSend?



At the launch of Critsend, we were the only email routing solution to deal with transactional emails. We decided to only work with people who would understand and apply our anti-spam policy. Today we are also providing marketing emails, and always applying the same policy


Ease of use

Installation is done in 3 easy steps : SFP, DKIM and email tagging. This streamlined process will allow you to send millions of emails, to track them and get related statistics. The account representative is also here to assist you on the bounces and spam issues.

As a matter of fact, every ISP has its own guideline and you may receive notifications as “ your email was locked on XXX”, in this case, our team will take the lead to make sure the problem is permanently resolved. You would then be able to check your deliverability rate on your dashboard, edit and download your bounce date base but also review all your logs in details. If an incident occurs, you will be informed by notifications as “SMTP ERROR CODE”.