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Our goal, make your emails reach the inbox


Follow your deliverability report with detailed analytics

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To send emails, you only need to point to our globally secure SMTP servers or our API

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    “CritSend handles all of our deliverability.
    Once the setup is done, it reports the key metrics to us every week. We have never had such a low spam report rate before”
    CritSend handles all of our deliverability.
    F.Steiner — CEO AdopteunMec
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    “Critsend’s team helped us to win back our CRM.
    We were in a complicated situation, their technical expertise and their ability to guide, had put us back on the road of success.”
    CMR and good email practice.
    Freelance Designer
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    “Game ventures just wanted to see its problems of deliverability disappear. Critsend made it.”

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