How are you different from the current leaders?

CritSend VS Leader
Yes Dynamic Spam folder Placement Detection No
On Demand Spam folder Placement Resolution No
Yes Blacklist Manager No
Yes Block Message Detector No
Yes Pay-As-You-Go Pricing for all users Yes
Yes All features available to all users Yes
Yes Globally distributed sending infrastructure Yes
Yes Custom SPF Yes
Yes Custom DKIM Yes
Yes Custom Tracking domains Yes
On Demand Dedicated Machines 29,95/ Month
On Demand Dedicated IP Pooling Yes
On Demand Automated Dedicated IP Warmup Yes
Yes Multiple Sending Domains per Account Yes
No API Newsletter No
No Multiple transactional templates per account Yes
No Automatic CSS Inlining Yes
On Demand Spam Filter Testing 1$ per test
90 days Detailed and searchable activity log 30 days
Yes Transaction Email Capability Yes
No Configurable email alerts Yes
No Split testing For Transaction emails Yes
Yes Webhooks Yes
No Multiple Webhooks Per Account Yes
No Geolocation & Client Email Yes
Yes Detailed API Logs Yes
We Deliver Your Emails, We Don't Just Send Them

We Deliver Your Emails, We Don't Just Send Them

According to ReturnPath, 20% of legitimate emails never reach an inbox. This can lead to a bad impact on your customer commitment. Our experts will not only follow your emails, but will also inform you if something is wrong. They will help to ensure your deliverability and explain to you some of the best practices to succeed.

Powerful HTTP and SMTP API

Send your emails with one line of code using our SMTP or HTTP API. Our API provides a better way to sync your data.

Dynamic Spambox Placement Detection

Not only do we know when your emails are marked as spam, but our account representative will call you with some solutions and ways to improve when this happens.

Blacklist Manager

Sometimes your emails are blocked by a specific ISP, and this can be tricky to detect as you need to read all detailed log messages. To save time, not only will we find out which message is blocked, but we will also categorize them by ISP so you can act on a recommendation easily. You will know how many messages were blocked, on which servers, and what the percentage of your total delivery is.

Globally meshed sending infrastructure

Our platform is hosted on several data centers. Each machine is able to not only accept your emails, but also to cooperate with our large scale cluster to enhance deliverability and speed of delivery.

Spam folder placement resolution

We are here to fix your deliverability issues before you are even aware of them. Our account representative will get in touch with you when you need. For example, he/she will ask you to change your subject line because just one word can send your email into your customer’s spam folder on an ISP.

Detailed and Searchable activity log

We provide full accountability and traceability. You can download your logs with all SMTP results (ACK and NACK). If you want, you can even get them in real time through our webhooks system.


Our Webhooks API allows you to keep your information synchronized with our system database. For each event ( reception, send , open) an HTTP request will be sent to you on your servers monitored as real.

Custom authentication with Multiple SPF and DKIM

Our system will always choose the best matching SPF and DKIM. We will even add a sender header when required. You can use as many of these as you wish.

Deliverability Report

Our powerful monitoring tools provide a 360┬░ view of your deliverability.

Custom tagging & unique metadata

You can tag your emails and even place some unique metadata into headers. The special header X-UID will be sent back to your logs and your webhooks. (V2 you can also let us automatically tag your emails.)